Farming As A Business:

Genera Agri Corp is a Corporate Farming company in India with farm business model that entails enrolling the farm lands on lease basis and support the farmers with technical and managerial inputs for successfully running farming as a business enterprise. The farms are spread across Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Maharastra.

Genera's unique strength in this business is the extensive backward linkages it has established with the farmer community and has enabled to build a competitive and efficient procurement system. Genera has developed immense capabilities in farming operations and has technically competent and committed team of Scientists, Agronomists, Agribusiness Specialist Economists and Management Graduates.

Farming The Right Way:

Genera has developed in-house agricultural production practices, innovates farming techniques, identifies and adopts appropriate technologies. Genera has initiated with their core strengths of technology and R&D to maximize returns to farmers as well as to the company. We believe that experienced and professionally qualified members, equipped with the latest infrastructure facilities will undertake full time research that will lead to better crop cultivation. It has also been our endeavour to continuously upgrade and improve our cultivation technique for better output.

Farming Produce:

We produce/procure more than 40 varieties of Fruits & Vegetables which provide us with a natural hedge against dependence on any particular crop(s). Our Company has commenced dealing into organic coffee beans and kasturi turmeric in the fiscal year 2011. We believe that there is market potential for various cash crops like cashew, spices etc. We also propose to set up horticulture corridor by establishing pack houses, cold storages and ripening chambers, which will enable us to market our products in an organized manner across India under the brand name. We keep identifying such crops which will enable to have a foothold in the market and thus providing significant opportunity to expand. We propose to venture into marketing of Apples, Nagpur Oranges and further expand our Grapes garden cultivation through contact farming in the near future.

Genera Fresh:

We intend to focus on Brand building of our existing exclusive retail outlet brand "Genera Fresh" by setting up new outlets in new geographic areas having good potential growth. Presently, our retail outlets are primarily located in the city of Hyderabad which we intend to expand in other metros as well as Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities of Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra & Karnataka in a phased manner.

Global Expansion:

In order to expand our operation globally, we have promoted wholly owned subsidiary in UAE by the name "Genera Agri Global Ltd." to create marketing platform in Middle East for our export business. Due to industrialization and infrastructure development, conversion of agriculture land to non agriculture land has bearing impact in the availability of  fertile agriculture land and eventually agricultural labours are migrating into non agricultural activity.

We intend to acquire 1,00,000 acres of agri lease lands in African countries like Tanzania, Ghana, Mozambique, Malawi and Madagascar. Further, through this subsidiary, our Company is negotiating to acquire 10,000 acres of agri lease lands in Tanzania to meet the increasing demand of food and fuel crops in the African and European markets.

As the availability of agriculture land is decreasing to commercial land and whereas huge untapped fertile agriculture land bank is available at a reasonable rental rate at Africa where we can implement farm mechanization cultivation and produce large quantities of food grains because it is not possible in India since the land extents are small.