Vegetable cultivation on pendals is technological improvement for vegetable crops like Ridge gourd, Bitter gourd, Bottle gourd, Sponge gourd and Coccinia. Previously pendal cultivation was restricted to Grapes cultivation only. Now a days, It is being used in semi-urban areas for cultivation of high value gourd crops.

The pendal is established by using cement pillars or stone pillars having hight of 10 ft and 20-25 cm girth. At the spacing of 15 x 15 mt distance 30 x 45 cms pits is dugged to erect pillars. Approximately 195-200 pillars is required for establishment of one acre pendal for cultivation. Approximately 1.5 ft of pillar is kept in the pit and covered with concrete mixture. Remaining 8.5 ft of pillar will be above the ground. Training and pruning practices are followed to facilitate growth on the pendal resulting in higher yield as compared to open field cultivations.