Crop cultivation through polyhouses is Hi-tech agriculture practice.  The polyhouse cultivation is one of the most intensive method of crop production. Polyhouse cultivation is considered to be highly productive and environment friendly. The polyhouses are constructed with the help of ultraviolet plastic sheets, so that they may last for more than 5 years. The structure is covered with 1501m thick plastic sheet. The structure is prepared with the bamboos or iron pipes.

Generally, the length of the polyhouse is 25-30 feet and width 4-5 feet. The direction of polyhouse is always East to West, so that the maximum sunshine is available. The polyhouses help us in maintaining temperature  of crops. The polyhouses can keep cool temperature as well as hot temperature depending upon the season. By adopting the modern technology of polyhouse, we have been able to minimize the difference in the demand and supply of off-season for vegetables and fruits etc. This facilitates to maintain the quality of the crops.